Wash or not wash
What you will not see on the desktops of colleagues! In addition to the obligatory computer and phone, a flower in a pot, photos of family members, a dirty mug...…

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A bad head does not give your hands peace of mind
Body language is a very important part of any communication. The position of our body and the movements we make when communicating with the other person can spoil or distort…

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Guerrilla marketing: features and benefits
Guerrilla marketing is one of the most effective methods of product promotion. This tool is best characterized by the expression "You don't see it, but it still exists". For the…

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Rules for successful bosses

What do good bosses think about their work
1. Business is an ecosystem, you need to cooperate, not fight with each other.

2.Companies are communities where everyone is an individual.

3. Management is about providing services, so let others succeed first.

4. You need to be on an equal footing with employees, so you need to communicate with them “in an adult way”.

5. You need to motivate by inspiring, not scaring. Fear only paralyzes.

6. Any changes mean growth, they need to be happy, not opposed.

7. Technologies allow you to get rid of menial work and free up space for creativity.

7. You need to work with joy, without turning work into a routine.

How to achieve loyalty and efficiency from employees
1. Manage individuals, not cogs in the car.

2. Adjust to the characteristics of each person.

3. Determine what is really important in your work.

4. When communicating, keep straight, do not lose your temper.

5. If someone is not up to the job, take responsibility.

6. Share your thoughts and ideas.

7. Ask questions more often than give answers.

8. Treat everyone the same, don’t choose favorites.

9. Don’t expect more from people than you are willing to give.

10. Explain your decisions to employees.

11. Don’t shy away from answers, make decisions here and now.

How to attract a cool professional to the company
1. Know exactly who you are looking for.

2. Keep an eye on potential candidates.

3. Pay attention to your personality, not your experience.

4. Calmness is a sign of high professionalism.

5. Look for a motivated person.

6. The most important thing is the right attitude.

7. Don’t get stuck on formalities like education, experience, and recommendations.

How to conduct a meeting effectively
1.Make a meeting plan in advance.

2. Prepare basic information.

3. Don’t let the conversation deviate.

4. Record all decisions that have been made.

How to criticize constructively
1. Talk about unwanted actions when they happen.

2. Find something to praise the person for, then pay attention to what you are dissatisfied with.

3. Try to understand why this happened.

4. Agree on how the shortcomings will be corrected.

5. Track changes in human behavior, mark successes.

How to respond to complaints
1. If someone starts complaining, arrange to meet separately and discuss this topic.

2. Prepare a meeting plan in advance, which will only have time to pose the problem and find a solution.

3. Treat complaints with respect.

4. Ask the employee what they would like to do.

5. Make sure that he really needs your advice.

6. If this is true, give good advice.

7. End the conversation if you hear: “Yes, but…»

How to fire people
1. Speak plainly, without trying to hide the truth.

2. Show that you empathize with the employee.

3. Explain frankly, as much as possible, why this happened.

4. Part like a band-aid: torn off, hurt, went on.

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