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That awkward moment

The negotiations — a delicate thing. Sometimes the sales Manager feels that he did everything right, but the deal still didn’t happen. Does this mean that he was actually wrong? Perhaps not. But it is likely that he, without realizing it, caused rejection in a potential client.

Jeffrey James, author of the Sales Source blog, shared a list of such actions. Everyone who needs to convince someone or sell something from time to time should get acquainted with it. Read it, and if you notice something like this, stop immediately:

1. Speak to the client’s teeth (instead of talking to him).

2. Talk more than listen.

3. Talk about details that are not relevant to the case.

4. Neglect the opportunity to illustrate key points with an interesting story.

5. Make mistakes when pronouncing the project name.

6. Make a presentation that is too long.

7. Bring up issues that you think the client is suffering from.

8. Start your presentation with information about your company’s activities.

9. To tell you too much about the activities of the company.

10. Start your presentation with a biography of the company’s founder.

11. Tell too much about the biography of the company’s founder.

12. To discuss the objections which the client has not expressed (even if they could it to be).

13. Use too many jargon, colloquial expressions, and Newspeak.

14. Don’t explain why your offer is better than your competitors.

15. It is difficult to answer reasonable questions of the client.

16. Avoid answering the question instead of honestly admitting that you don’t know something.

17. Carry any nonsense if you do not know something and are afraid to admit it.

18. Ask rhetorical questions from the “What if I save you…” series.

19.Use words that show too clearly that you want to sell something (for example, “We guarantee you…”).

20. To recite memorized expressions that are used by all sales agents.

21. Ask the client questions that you would know the answer to if you had prepared a little in advance for the meeting (at least looked at the company’s website).

22. Wear too bright outfits or accessories that distract attention.

23. Forget to turn off your phone during a meeting.

24. Order a dish that is difficult to eat beautifully if the meeting takes place in a restaurant. (No pasta, burgers, or croissants for Breakfast that will make you crumb.)

25. Dumbfound the client with a random list of functions and features.

26. Demonstrate confusing infographics in an attempt to show and tell everything.

27. Use unusual fonts in your presentation that are difficult to make out.

28. Illustrate a photo with pictures from the free photo Bank with images of happy clerks.

29. Read from the presentation slide (big mistake).

30. Talk too fast because you have very little time.

31. Neglected proof-reading a text edit and show a presentation with spelling errors.

32. Raise issues related to politics or religion.

33. Focus only on closing the deal, instead of trying to learn something new or help the client.

34. Complain about your job or economic difficulties in the country and industry.

35. Show your personal emotions and desires.

Even if you have taken all the tips into account and are determined not to make mistakes, a one — on-one meeting with the customer is the case when anything can happen.
Says Geoffrey James:

One day I was on my way to a very important meeting, and as I was getting out of the car, I found a pen leaking in my breast pocket. I was already terribly late, and then there’s this.

Cursing everything in the world, I pulled the soiled shirt over my head, threw it into the bushes, and put on another one that happened to be in my briefcase.

When I entered the room where the client was waiting for me, I realized that the window of the meeting room looked out on the same area where I was undressing a minute ago, and the customer saw me undressing.

Little helper
Once I took a marketing Manager with me to a meeting, hoping that he would help me introduce a new product to the customer. What he presented as a result is a lot of reasons why we can’t create a product, because his target audience can’t decide what kind of product we should make for it.

At another meeting, I brought a sales Manager with me to answer questions that I can’t answer.

It was supposed to stay in the shadows and materialize only when necessary. However, he is infinitely involved in the conversation, interrupted from time to time cry to the client.

After the meeting ended (a disaster, of course), the Manager said that he was still counting on his share of sales.

Another little helper
I went to the next meeting with one of our engineers, hoping that he would answer technical questions. Every time the customer was ready to make a deal, this specialist, roused up, said:

“You know, and we can also do something different…”, which led the conversation to a new direction.

When this happened for the third time, I noticed that the situation was already beginning to irritate the customer. So I quickly ended the meeting without agreeing on anything.

At a meeting with a group of customers, I was already moving to a new stage of my commercial offer, when it turned out that two of them did not agree.
Apparently, some internal conflict surfaced, because they started to sort things out right in front of everyone. The discussion quickly turned into a noisy quarrel, both lost control of themselves and eventually left, slamming the door loudly. Guess who was accused of causing the conflict?

Said as cut off
I was chatting with the customer about TV shows. Since we are both from the Midwest, it quickly became clear that both I and he like drew Kerry (an American showman and stand-up comedian. — Primas’. ed.). Then I said:

“It’s amazing to me that this guy is so popular, given that he’s terribly ugly.”

Then he remembered that he had told his client earlier that he looked like drew Kerry.

I got burned for small things
Before meeting with an important client, I went to the toilet on the first floor of the office center, on the eighth floor of which was his office. Suddenly a man came into the room, Smoking a cigarette. I looked at him pointedly and asked him, rather impolitely, to put it out. Guess who it was?

Multicolored error
I was on my way to a meeting with a colleague. on the way, he offered to drink Slurpee-a thick frozen sweet cocktail of a rather vigorous color. When we reached the building, we finished our drinks. When we sat down in front of the client and started talking, we realized that something was wrong with us. My tongue was bright blue, and my colleague’s was completely green.

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