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Features of turbo pages

At the end of last year, a new phenomenon appeared in Yandex − turbo pages. All users of the search engine, without exception, have access to this functionality. In fact, these products are lightweight versions of standard mobile pages. The basis for their creation was a universal template. It is easy to identify these pages − they are marked with a rocket icon.

According to the developers, this performance of pages has a positive effect on the speed of loading information from The Yandex search engine, increasing it by 15 times when using the 3G network.

The speed increase is provided by caching content that is hosted on Internet resources that use the specified template. Thus, when viewing data from a mobile device, the user sees the entire page at once, even if the transition to the site was not performed. Other search engines and social networks also have similar products − such as Google’s AMP pages and Facebook’s Instant Articles.

What are the advantages of turbo pages for site owners?

The main advantages of such products include the following:

increasing the number of ad impressions in mobile delivery and reducing the probability of traffic loss;
reducing the load on the site, since Yandex’s own resources are used for displaying content;
increasing the popularity of pages has a positive effect on the traffic of your Internet resource.

Now the use of turbo pages is relevant for different sites-news resources, blogs, and other sites where content is a priority. As for commercial sites, special templates will soon be developed for them as well.
The specifics of monetization of the turbo pages

Page monetization issues are always relevant, and turbo products are no exception. At this point, you can only use two ways to add ads to template solutions:

Yandex advertising network − you can use it to display ads of advertisers in various formats on turbo pages;
using the ADFOX platform-it allows you to connect third-party monetizers, increase revenue from each display of advertising information.

Please note that Yandex specialists have provided an opportunity to monitor the statistics of such pages. To do this, use standard tools-Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics, LiveInternet, Rating and Rambler Top 100.

The procedure for connecting the turbo pages

At the first stage, you need to configure the RSS feed. Yandex help provides a full technical description of the process. Some site management systems initially contain plug-ins that are required to get the feed. Such extensions are popular:

WordPress plugin;

plugin for Drupal;

plugin for Joomla.

Once the ribbon is set up correctly, you need to take the following steps:

add an Internet resource to Yandex.Webmaster, if this has not been done before;
place the RSS file so that search robots can access it;
put a link to the corresponding file;

configure the display of the website (logo, counters, ad block codes).

Important!!! Please note that the number of pages that are displayed within a single feed must not exceed 500, and the maximum allowed file size is 15 MB. The webmaster allows you to connect 10 feeds.

If the robot failed to upload a file within 10 seconds, it is considered unavailable, you will receive an error notification. It is assumed that in the near future the functionality of turbo pages will be significantly expanded.

Thus, turbo pages are an excellent tool for increasing traffic and increasing the site’s popularity among Internet users. Of course, all this becomes possible only if high-quality content is prepared. Page loading speed and original design are probably the main factors that have a positive impact on people’s loyalty. In addition, the focus on improving the usability of the mobile version of the site improves the position of the resource as a whole.

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