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The right content for an online store − increasing sales by half

Almost everyone has experienced visiting an online store in their life. Let’s say you wanted to buy a multi-functional multi-cooker to forget about standing at the stove for a long time. And so you go on a journey through electronic storefronts, and there… There are 20-30 options on each of them with prices, but without any details (no characteristics, no description). Or, alternatively, each product is attached to an instruction in electronic form, or so on …dtsat. And in addition to information about the technique, I would like to understand what conditions of cooperation are offered to you. But no-there is no information, and you see, for example, this picture:

Accordingly, the choice of products and the point of sale itself remains open. And then the palm will take the online store that will provide the buyer with important information.

Proper content is an important component of online business success

Many owners of online stores mistakenly believe that the success of the event is ensured if the range of outlets is wide. They reason based on the fact that if a person needs, he will buy. But this approach misses an important point: why should the customer make an order with you?

Therefore, in order for online sales to be successful, you must ensure that:

ability to find an online store in the network (search advertising or organic delivery);
the relevance of the information on the site, so that guests stay on it as long as possible;
a large selection of products, the user’s needs must be met;
profitable differences between your point of sale and its product range from competitors.

Content will become your reliable assistant in achieving all your goals. It will attract visitors to your site, help keep their attention, and encourage them to make a purchase.

Filling an online store with content: three whales

Content is a broad concept that includes not only texts, but also photos, videos, and other components. Undoubtedly, articles and descriptions are the most significant elements. The more useful and relevant the materials placed in your online store are, the higher the probability of a successful solution to your primary task-attracting a customer and making a profit.

You need to achieve a comprehensive approach to site content. If the descriptions are good and the images are few, visitors will not like it. On the contrary − the same result. A point-based approach to working with content is not suitable, only a comprehensive solution works.

First whale: texts

Texts become the main source of information for online store visitors. With their help, you can convey information about the specifics of products, their technical characteristics, opportunities, and advantages. In addition, information about delivery terms, payment options, order specifics, possible discounts, warranty, etc. will be important for your guests.

Articles are interesting not only for users, but also for search robots. The main thing is to use this type of content wisely.

So, texts are needed on almost all pages of the site − on the main page, in categories, subsections, in product cards, in the section about delivery and payment, etc.in some cases, the articles are quite voluminous, in others − a couple of sentences will suffice. In any case, regardless of the volume, the text should be useful and relevant, as well as provide answers to questions that interest the client. Among them − where it is located, what is offered and why you need to buy products here.

As an example, we will search for a large tunic and get to such a page:

Only one thing is clear − large-size clothing is offered. First, the concept of ” big ” is different for everyone, and secondly, who said that you will surely find a tunic here? But if you add a little text and paint what the online store offers, the situation will immediately clear up.

Of course, you should not write huge “sheets”. No one will read them. Here is a classic error for the main page.

In the other extreme − the rejection of texts-also do not need to rush, and then the page will be uninformative.

And here is another example of inattentive filling in the product card:

If you summarize all this and add advice from experience, you will get such texts in numbers:

the main characters -500;
sections/subsections − 1000-1500 characters;
product cards − 500-1000 characters.

These figures are approximate. They can change in the direction of increasing or decreasing depending on the specific situation. The main thing is to make useful and interesting texts that will not fall under “Baden-Baden”.

Do you have large amounts of useful information? For its placement, it is necessary to provide a blog where such articles will be appropriate. With the right approach, this content will give you the opportunity to attract traffic for low-frequency queries.

How to write texts for an online store correctly?

Of course, there is no ready-made universal solution. You do not need to focus only on how others have everything done. Think about how you can achieve maximum convenience for your potential buyer.

However, there are a number of General recommendations:

do not use template phrases that are already boring, it is better to find a specific supply of information that will be confirmed by real facts;
avoid water, phrases that have no value, and only load the material with unnecessary structures;
create unique texts, rather than simply copying competitors ‘ materials;
present the information consistently, do not jump from one thought to another, the article should be ordered;
follow the rules of grammar, punctuation, and style, because poorly written texts will reduce customer confidence in your online store;
write text for people, not for robots, the number of key phrases must be optimal.

Simplicity, literacy, and correctness are the hallmarks of good materials. These include, for example, the following:

What to write on specific pages?

The texts for different pages differ. Features are as follows:

Main. Here, in a fairly concise form, you need to tell about the main offers of the store, its geo-linking, USP and the advantages of making purchases here. Information about promotions, guarantees, and delivery will also be relevant.
About shops. Without water and in fact tell us about the history of creation, the specifics of the work, the missions and values of your company. The more facts, the more attractive the text. Use specific numbers.
Delivery and payment. Let us know all possible options for receiving the order, as well as payment options for goods. Specify the delivery time.
Guarantees. If you provide them, it will be an additional plus for you. Back up the information with facts-certificates, licenses, etc.
Stocks. Customers are interested and important to know about special offers. Announce them and briefly describe the terms of promotions and participation of buyers in them.
Contacts. Perhaps the shortest, but most informative text will be here. Addresses, phone numbers, e-mail-specify all options for contacting you.
FAQ. This part of the site is intended to provide customers with information about the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. You can add information gradually as you gain experience in servicing and consulting.
Sections and subsections. It should contain information about a specific group of products in General form: tell us what it is and what you need, what types of products there are.
Product cards. They must contain information about the proposed product, its description, characteristics, properties, and so on. you can combine information in essence with emotional inserts to encourage sending products to the cart.
The blog. A platform that will become an effective content marketing tool. Here you can post useful articles that will be interesting to your target audience.

Second whale: pictures

Test information is good, but I would like to look at the products. To do this, you need to place photos of products on the pages of the online store. The main mistakes of site owners are the use of low-quality images or in small quantities.

Here is a visual anti-example:

The angle is only one, the images are processed unprofessionally, and the photo does not help visitors.

What should the image look like? The main requirements for the image are as follows:

high quality − do not expose photos in low resolution that cannot be viewed properly;

uniqueness − do not copy photos from another site, it is better to order an individual photo session, the investment will pay off by increasing the trust and loyalty of customers;

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