Aggressive seller
Today we will talk about how to protect yourself from aggressive sellers, and if you are connected with sales, then how to keep from falling into all sorts of trouble…

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That awkward moment
The negotiations — a delicate thing. Sometimes the sales Manager feels that he did everything right, but the deal still didn't happen. Does this mean that he was actually wrong?…

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Manipulation magic
The first thing a baby learns is to see, move, and manipulate its parents. We absorb the ability to manage people with our mother's milk. If loudly to shout —…

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Tips for building a career which is best forgotten

Every time the Muse author Stacey Lasto bakes cookies for her work colleagues, she recalls a time when cooking for colleagues and bringing homemade treats to American offices was a bad idea.

For a completely wild reason for us: colleagues and superiors might think that you have too much free time and, instead of working to the fullest, including in your free time, you bake some cookies.

People might think you were just a housewife at heart, or worse, a person with no career ambitions.

It sounds like an anecdote, but if you remember, outdated or controversial career advice haunts us to this day.Keep your private life a secret
“Go ahead, feel free to talk to your boss, but be careful about revealing any details of your private life.

In no case should you tell anyone at work what you did on the weekend or where you are going.

All your boss needs is exactly when you are going on vacation and that your weekend was “normal”.

If you are going to spend a holiday in the Alps, he will decide that he is overpaying, or worse, “jinx” (joke). If you stay in the country or at home, he will decide that you are too boring and why such a person needs a promotion at all.”

Stacey Lasto calls the Council literally ” antique.” Of course, you do not need to harass the boss and colleagues with hours of speculation about the types of cucumber harvest this year or, if you did not set the vegetables, the details of each of your descents along the red routes.

But you, your boss, and your colleagues are ordinary, normal people. And all of you (we hope) have lives outside of work. At the same time, you spend enough time at work to want to get to know your colleagues and / or subordinates better.

When you carefully hide all aspects of your private life, it looks strange and a little arrogant. Even if your only goal is to avoid bothering others with your problems and joys.

To pretend that you don’t need help
“Pretend that you can do everything, even when you can’t and you don’t really have the faintest idea how to do a particular job? And correctly! You can’t show your incompetence! Especially the bosses.

Continue in the same spirit: pretend that you know everything, but still take the time to sort out the incomprehensible subject yourself.”

Not everyone is able to hold their tongue and blindly follow the first outdated advice, but most of us really find it very difficult to admit that we do not know or do not understand something in our work.

Especially the first time.

But in a normal team run by a business development-oriented Manager, this is a very bad tactic.

First, if you pretend to know everything when it’s not, you start to slow down, lose efficiency, and sometimes just “mess up”. This is hardly better than asking your boss or colleagues for help.

Second, most normal managers like it when their subordinates ask them for help.

Unless you are a complete dumbass who runs to the boss because of every little thing and is not able to remember anything from the first, second, and sometimes third time.

Avoid interaction in social networks
“Don’t try to friend your boss on Facebook, and especially on Vkontakte, in any case don’t subscribe to him on Instagram, use messengers only to solve work issues.”

This was once very good advice. For some executives in some companies, it remains relevant to this day.

But in most cases, this advice sounds anachronistic. Social networks have long ceased to be a meeting place for classmates who share with each other the details of gatherings and photos of their households.

If you don’t put something really out of the ordinary in the network, don’t hide your direct Manager in it, don’t spray saliva with hatred for your native company and don’t collect dirty gossip about its CEO, then the request for adding to friends is a natural manifestation of loyalty and friendliness.

Do not hesitate to like and leave comments on the pages of colleagues in social networks, because they have long been a part of our, including professional life.

Separate your personal and professional life
“The working day ends at 6 PM and starts again at 9 am. In your free time, avoid contact with email or the CRM system.

Try not to think about work at all, even if a good idea accidentally wandered into your head, put it aside for working hours.

Conversely, as soon as you appear on the doorstep of the office, leave everything personal behind its threshold, pretend that family and friends simply do not exist. For the next 8 hours, your brain should only be busy with work.”

In theory, this is great advice. It is very important to be able to disconnect from work when you are resting, otherwise you risk earning professional burnout. A digital detox won’t hurt anyone, either.

But good ideas often don’t ask when to knock on our heads. Sometimes it is easier and more comfortable to respond to work email on weekends than to ignore it. As well as answering a child’s call during the working day is much more pleasant and correct than ignoring it. Thanks to modern technology, our work and our private lives are increasingly mixed. This process must be kept under control, but it is impossible to completely and painlessly switch modes from “working” to “home” and back, because this only complicates the situation.

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