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Guerrilla marketing: features and benefits

Guerrilla marketing is one of the most effective methods of product promotion. This tool is best characterized by the expression “You don’t see it, but it still exists”.

For the first time, this term became known after the book of the same name, written by Jay Conrad Levinson, was published in 1984. In his creation, he presented the most affordable options for promoting products and services to the market that do not require large-scale investments. Increasing the number of clients and increasing profits are achieved with minimal or no material investment.Guerrilla marketing is an excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses, which usually do not have the opportunity to conduct an expensive advertising campaign.

What does Levinson put into the concept of partisan marketing?

The author of the book himself attributed to guerrilla marketing unusually designed business cards, booklets, and leaflets that were left in places where representatives of the target audience are supposed to be located. For example, organizations that produce and assemble window design, you can leave your promotional materials in new buildings, and the sellers of bouquets to put their business cards in confectionery, etc. This advertising will not require a significant budget.

Distinctive features of guerrilla marketing:

affordable price, which is one of the main advantages of this tool;
a nontriviality that attracts the attention of your target audience, making you stand out from the crowd of competitors;
virality, which consists in the rapid spread of information among people.

Nowadays, guerrilla marketing is understood not only as low-budget solutions, but also as hidden advertising, which is created so professionally that everyone perceives it, but no one notices.

A few words about hidden marketing

Hidden marketing is, in fact, veiled advertising. The main goal pursued by a businessman is not the implementation of a direct direct sale, but the preparation of an information field around the subject, which increases interest in it. In fact, we are talking about creating rumors about a product or offer based on artificially launched discussions, prepared comments, and reviews.

Please note that artificial does not mean bad or unnatural. The main thing is that your advertising goals are veiled and hidden. Great sites for this are forums, social networks, thematic blogs, etc.

The results of the application of guerrilla marketing in practice

If you use such a marketing tool, you can achieve the following results:

informing the target audience about a new product or service, creating a positive image of the product and forming a loyal attitude to it;
inciting interest in your organization, brand;
studying the target audience;
stimulating demand for certain goods and services;
establishing contacts with potential customers and buyers.

If we talk about the modern understanding of guerrilla marketing, its main features are secrecy, affordability and naturalness.

Practical application of guerrilla marketing

To better understand how guerrilla marketing works, it is worth considering examples of its practical application. Let’s say you need to inform the public that you are producing a new product. Let them become a means to reduce weight. There is no money for an advertising campaign, you are afraid to aggressively promote the product because of a possible negative perception.

The best solution is to search for a site where you can find representatives of your target audience, women aged 25 to 40 years.

Then you need to prepare the text. Let this be a recipe for a slimming cream that you can make with your own hands. But! It can only be done in theory, because in practice it is very complicated, the ingredients can not be found, and the process itself is confusing.

If suddenly the recipe does not suit you, you can prepare an article about the difficulties and ways to fight excess weight and place it on the site. Then you can launch partisan commentators to start the discussion. One claims that the cream helps, the other denies it and suggests other effective methods.

It is advisable to back up the words with photos. Complaining about the problem of excess weight, one partisan launches a picture and asks for advice, and the other in response provides a link to the product.

After a while, the partisan, who allegedly lost weight, puts out photos of the results, which, of course, are amazing.

Thus, the advertising of the product was unobtrusive, many people read about it and took the information naturally, as advice or feedback. You did not have to pay, because everything happened within the framework of communication on a thematic platform. You can share the material by retargeting in social networks.

This example is simple, but it provides an insight into how partisan marketing works.

A case study on guerrilla marketing

For a deeper understanding of the mechanism of guerrilla marketing, consider a more complex example of using this tool − the promotion of a culinary portal. The main task is to increase the awareness of the website. Crowd marketing for a site where simple home recipes are placed is not suitable, it is better to trust the partisans here.

First of all, in this situation, you should go to the forum. However, not on culinary, but on some other, and then it turns out that we went to Tula with our samovar. On online platforms, you can raise the topic of what to cook tonight or how to make a romantic dinner at home.

Another important step is to prepare reviews on special sites. This can best be done in the format of a test drive of a recipe. It is desirable to prepare natural photos that are not copied, but created with your own hands.

In parallel, you can start a blog, for example, on behalf of a 16-year-old girl who wants to learn how to cook. If the posts are interesting, they will probably get a lot of likes and repostings. But in the comments, again, the partisans will work, leading people to the promoted culinary portal.

What will be the results? Traffic on direct calls will grow by about 40%, and link clicks will double.

If you want to promote using guerrilla marketing specialists, entrust the process to the staff of our web Studio.

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