What is the problem with smart people
There's nothing worse than working with fools, is there? When hiring new employees, it is logical to pay attention to smart people — it seems that it will be easier…

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The placebo effect in business: how to use and avoid getting caught
Placebo-suggestion based on experience and imagination-works well in business. If the problem is not solved by conventional methods, only the "magic pill"can help. In evidence-based medicine, the placebo effect is…

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How to survive the winter
The cold season itself is a difficult time to concentrate on productivity: short daylight hours, temperature changes, a gray city, and stiffness of movement provoke stiffness of thoughts and actions.…

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How to increase sales before the New year

Megaplan experts tell us about five ways to stand out from the competition and attract more customers on the eve of the holiday.
1. Launch the new year’s tariff or the “Gift when you buy” promotion…»
Whatever your company does, you can always create a favorable tariff and come up with a non-banal gift for regular customers.

Gift to the main product. If your company is engaged in installation of Windows, can give a vivid garland, if you sell doors and Christmas wreaths. The main thing is that the gift fits the meaning. For example, for the purchase of a down jacket, it is more appropriate to offer a stylized scarf/hat than a kilogram of tangerines.

New Year’s Tariff. For example, a school of public speaking can offer a course “the Soul of the company at a new year’s party”, an entertainment store-a selection of Board games for children and adults.

Something that will come in handy during the winter holidays. For example, on January 1, you may need mineral water (this theme is successfully played by Borjomi) and a roomy refrigerator for salads, a little later-winter tires or a large TV for watching TV shows.

Promotion “in the new year-without old things”. You can combine your company’s advertising with a good deed. All you need to do is inspire the client. For example, if you own a clothing store, offer a discount to customers who return a model from an old collection. For example, the Eleganzza store accepts an old bag as 25% of the cost of a new one. Later, you can give these items to an orphanage or charity shop. In Moscow, this is “joy Shop”, “Blagomarket”, Charity Shop, “Good things”.

Products with symbols of the new year. If you can’t formulate a unique offer, give something universal: champagne, confetti, a Christmas tree. You can produce products with the symbols of the coming year: pillows, hoodies, plates, cups, t-shirts. For example, employees of the social project “Naively? Very”, where people with disabilities are engaged in creativity, decided to beat the fairy tale “Three little pigs”. By 2019, they are preparing a calendar with images of fairy-tale characters, where each page is a story. According to the idea, new characters appear in the story, but events develop differently. Gifts with symbols of the new year the team “Naive? Very” sell by subscription.

2. Create a festive mood
On the site, a minimal design will be enough. Stop at one thing: a holiday hat, a snowman, or Christmas tree toys. Bad idea — flying snowflakes and flashing garland. Restrained design will win over customers, tasteless design will reduce sales. One way to boost sales is to offer holiday packaging. In an offline store, you can do this for free, if you have an online store — for an additional fee.

To advertise the product in social networks, an original photo session will be suitable. Give up shiny tinsel and other festive attributes that everyone is used to and that will not cause new emotions in customers. If you sell furniture, you can seat a cute pig in a hat on the sofa or in a chair. If you provide outsourcing accounting services, prepare a photo story where your experts help Santa Claus count gifts and reindeer. Such content will not get lost in social media feeds between posts with Christmas trees and Olivier.

If you have an offline store or delivery service, dress up employees and couriers in Christmas costumes. Fairy-tale characters will take pictures and share photos on the Internet. Do not forget to draw a large company logo on the uniform (for example, on a staff, a bag of gifts, a kokoshnik). Customers will be pleased to receive congratulations from your company’s employees.

3. Hold a contest in social networks
The contest should advertise your brand and promote pages in social networks. On the eve of the New year, even those who are usually skeptical participate in the contests. They are motivated by a sense of celebration, magic and the need to buy gifts in large quantities — you can win them for free in the competition.

First, define the terms of the contest. For example:

repost your record;

post with a hashtag and tagged friends;

comment under the post;

open voting for the best nominee.

If the audience does not choose a winner, it must be determined by chance. In Vkontakte, it is convenient to do this through the RandomApp app or the RandomPromo website, in Instagram — using Lizaonair or Giveaways. If the participants are numbered, you can use the “Randomus”.

4. Offer a new year’s discount
Another way to encourage sales is to offer the customer a discount. Come up with a campaign format to stand out from the competition. For example:

the amount of the discount depends on the weather on the day of purchase (for example, when it is cold at 15 degrees, the discount will be equal to 15%, if snow falls — the price of the product also falls);

the discount amount depends on the date of purchase (from 1 to 31%);

the discount amount depends on the number of anecdotes/Proverbs/poems about the New year that the customer remembered at the time of purchase;

everyone who was born in the year of the Pig/other animal according to the Chinese calendar gets a discount.

If you sell at cost or purchase price, offer discounts on partner products and receive a Commission from them. To ensure sales during the low season, offer your customers a discount for the whole of January until The new year.

5. Help the customer choose new year gifts
Make a selection of the most interesting and necessary gifts and publish it in your blog, on the main page of the online store or in social networks. The list should include not only your products or services, but also competitors ‘ offers. For example, you can give a man a couple of useful books, a set of butterflies, a miniature projector for presentations, a Boxing bag, etc. Use images and active links.

Don’t be afraid to mention competitors: your potential client knows about alternative options, and this will not deprive you of revenue. On the contrary, the buyer will appreciate the care and feel confidence in the company.

An alternative to the selection can be a test of the format “what to give to your loved one/partners/boss/colleague”. You can create a test using the Playbuzz and Qzzr services. When choosing the type of test, give preference to Personality Quiz or Outcome: in this case, the user will get a personalized result based on how they answered the questions. Brand the test and place a native ad for your product on the results page.

To increase sales before the New year:

Launch a special new year’s tariff or a “Gift when you buy” promotion…”. To make the gift appropriate, offer a product/service that the customer can use before the holiday, December 31, and during the new year holidays.

Create a festive mood: a minimal design will be enough on the site, and an original photo session will be suitable for advertising the product in social networks. If you have an offline store or delivery service, dress up employees and couriers in Christmas costumes.

Hold a new year’s contest in social networks. The terms of participation can be a repost of an entry, a publication with a hashtag and marked friends, a comment under the post, and an open vote for the best nominee.

Another way to encourage sales is to offer a new year’s discount. Come up with an unusual promotion format: the discount amount may depend on the weather outside (15 degrees below zero-15% discount), the date of purchase (1-31%), the number of jokes about the New year that the customer remembered at the time of purchase, etc.

Help the client choose a gift — make a list of the most interesting options and publish it on your website, blog or social networks. Your offer should be on the list. Don’t be afraid to mention competitors. The client will appreciate the care and trust in your company.

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