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How to make an offer that you can’t refuse

Mark Joyner, author of the Irresistible Offer, is a former CEO of Aesop Marketing Corporation and, as they say, a pioneer of e-Commerce, responsible, in particular, for the fact that e-books are rapidly replacing paper ones.

He is also a former us military intelligence officer, a Korean translator, and a certified psychologist.

The idea of his book, “an Offer you can’t refuse,” is simple. In order to successfully engage in business, you need to make the client an offer that he will not want to refuse. You have three seconds to get the customer’s attention. Your sales depend on how you manage them. That’s all.

This article will be useful for those who start a business, marketers, sales professionals, and all those who make purchases. It’s interesting to look into your head and understand how you feel when you get a good offer.

Making a mutually beneficial offer is actually the basic purpose of any business. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. For an ice cream maker, it can be formulated as follows: “You give me money, and I give you a refreshing coolness.” The list can be continued, but one thing is important: there is no offer — there is no business.

The high rate of return on investment (ROI)
Any purchase is actually an investment, so if the customer doesn’t get something from you that he thinks is worth more than he invested, then he gets an unpleasant feeling. So your cooperation will not last long.

The solution is simple — no need to invent tricks that will help increase sales, just offer a really decent product.

And if it turns out to be good, but not better than others, add an additional service, an interesting feature-in short, something that will make the buyer feel that he is making a good deal.

And do not try to deceive the buyer — when he realizes that he was cheated, he will tell everyone about it, do not doubt.

The underlying message
Today, we are besieged by advertising-companies are trying to sell their services through radio, television, contextual advertising, flyers, and so on.

But these are all ways: to stand out in the crowd of others, you need to create a message that will help your potential client to Wade through the mountains of information and pay attention to you.

This is the basic message, which should be: “This is what we sell. That’s how much it costs. That’s what it will give you. That’s why you should trust us.”

Thus, it will tell your future client a simple thing: “you Have a great offer. It’s a great deal, and you have to be an idiot to miss it.”

You can, of course, promise each person $ 1,000 in exchange for a dollar. This sounds like ” an offer you can’t refuse.” But who’s going to buy it?

The louder and more promising a statement you make, the harder it is to prove that you are not cheating.

But even if your offer looks both tempting and plausible, you still have to prove your honesty. For example, tell us how many people have already used your services and were very satisfied. Or by scientifically proving the effectiveness of the product.

It should be borne in mind that if you first create a product with a high ROI, then build a basic message, and then confirm it, then your customer acts according to a different algorithm.

— The first thing that captures it is the basic message.

— The second is the plausibility of your offer when it gets acquainted with what a product or service is.

— And only in the third place, he pays attention to the return on investment ratio.

And at this point, when the buyer is convinced that your basic message is true, consider that they have already made their purchase. And you made a sale.

Building a successful business is actually easy if you follow a certain formula that includes three steps.

Step 1. Create an offer that you can’t resist

It is easy to make an offer that cannot be rejected if it answers the four main questions that the customer is interested in.

They sound like this:

— What are you trying to sell me?”

— How much does it cost?”

— Why should I believe you?”

— What will it do for me?”

The last question is often ignored, but in vain. The fact is that by selling a service or product, we actually offer an advantage that the customer will receive.

When people buy a Bentley, they gain prestige. Choosing healthy food, they want to get good health and longevity.

Remember the marketing axiom “People make decisions based on emotions, and evaluate them based on logic”? Now, the first three questions are addressed to the mind, and the last to the senses. Don’t forget that you need to answer all four.

Step 2. Demonstrate it to a crowd of thirsty

All you need to do is select the correct channel. You’re not going to advertise an anti-arthritis drug on MTV, are you? That’s right: all you need to do is find an audience that really needs you.

At the same time, you should not use only existing methods of communication with potential customers that you already know. In fact, any contact can be useful to you. If a customer buys your product online, offer them a free newsletter for three months.

Step 3. Sell the thirsty another and a second glass

This is an undeniable fact: to sell your product to an existing customer, you need to make much less effort than to attract a new one.

Therefore, do not be afraid to spend your energy trying to attract new customers — everything will pay off when the buyer returns for the second and third time (and he will return if it is really profitable for him to buy from you).

There are several techniques that will help attract a buyer for the second time. If your portions are small, the customer may want more. So why not offer it Deluxe instead of Light? If the price of a large portion is not much higher than the price of a small one, this will definitely work.

In addition, you can also sell related products along with the main product. Just don’t rush to make additional offers for the first time. Wait for the second one so that the buyer returns to the third one. And you can also offer additional services: master classes, special packaging, warranty service, product care services — you will have to spend effort, time and money, but in the end it will pay off.

How to strengthen the offer
Offering a product or service with a high ROI, do not hesitate to promote — you have something to be proud of. Do not forget that the impression can and should be strengthened. This is what works perfectly for the buyer:

1. Urgency

“This offer is for those who respond within 48 hours,” the buyer will read, and he will immediately have the feeling that the case is urgent. If the fear that he will not get what he wants because he will not have time, consider that you have defeated the propensity of any buyer to procrastination, which is so harmful to sales.

2. Bonuses

Think about how you can encourage your customer — and it will be harder for them to resist. Just remember the Golden rule: never give away what you can sell.

3. No risk

What is absolutely necessary to do is to help the buyer cope with the feeling that he is taking a terrible risk in making the purchase.

Fear of risk, as a rule, becomes an insurmountable obstacle before making any transaction. Make it possible to get rid of it.

Always offer a refund if the customer is dissatisfied. First, few people will actually demand a refund, and secondly, the money spent will pay off thanks to increased trust in you, and third, it is unlikely that the customer will be dissatisfied — because your product is really excellent.

4. Feeling of being chosen

People like to buy things that very few people can afford. At the same time, they suffer from the fear of loss. Create the feeling that if they refuse to buy your product, they will lose a lot — and they will immediately reach into the bag for their wallet.

To do this, brands release a limited-edition line. As soon as the customer hears that the batch of a product is limited, he immediately gets the feeling that if he does not buy it right away, then he will probably regret it later.

5. Simplicity

If you are not easy to work with, no one will come back to you. Making your order should be ridiculously easy — no forms, complicated questions, registration. Ask you a question or consult should be elementary-without delay, avoiding answers and incompetence.

Remember: you have to break through mountains of information garbage to a potential buyer with your extremely profitable offer. Do it right — and you will be surprised how easily your business will go up the hill.

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