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By the nature of my work, I have to hold several intense meetings with various people during the day. This is a new experience, and already trusted partners. The practice of meetings shows that when you come to a regular meeting, you need to be cheerful, ready to perceive and process a huge flow of information. The outcome of negotiations often depends on what mood you come to the meeting in. But if you have more than enough energy in the morning, then with each new meeting there are fewer and fewer of them… Communication becomes less intense, and at the end of the working day, you only think about how to return home and enjoy the peace.

For myself, I have worked out several ways to improve performance during the working day. I exclude drugs, tranquilizers, alcohol, coffee, and energy. Otherwise, your health will not last long.

So, I share tried and tested ways to increase work activity, tested by me in practice.

The morning of the evening is more sophisticated!
In the first half of the day, I, like most people, am the most cheerful and energetic, so I plan especially important and serious meetings in the morning. Sometimes, when I think the conversation might take too long, I plan to meet an hour before lunch. This is a great reason to end a meeting or move it to an informal channel for greater efficiency.

Get off your horse!
If I travel from meeting to meeting by car, I plan my route so that I can walk some distance to the immediate meeting place. Walking tones and accelerates the blood through the body. Energy and mobility appear.

Take the crutch!
If the upcoming negotiations do not involve confidentiality, then if possible, I take with me a colleague or friend who may also be interested in the topic of the upcoming meeting.

First of all, this helps me expand my friends ‘ Dating network.

And secondly, the appearance of a new person in the company always enlivens the conversation, gives rise to new ideas. And I can now speak less, periodically passing the initiative of communication to my companion.

Combine the useful with the pleasant!
If my daily schedule includes a trip to a country club or a trip to the gym and some business or informal meeting is planned for the same day, I always look to see if it is possible to combine these activities. More than one joint project with my partners was born during a game of tennis or in a steam-filled sauna.

These few simple techniques allow you to be in a fairly high and efficient mood during the day. The possibilities of a person are limitless, you only need to find exactly the keys that will open the reserves hidden inside you.

So, a few tips for finding internal reserves
– Make appointments in places that are in close proximity to each other.

– Plan the most important meetings for the first half of the day.

— Try to walk part of the route.

– Combine negotiations with other activities (lunch, reception, tennis).

— Use business negotiations to expand the network of contacts of your friends.

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