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10 important career questions that are useful to answer before the start of the New year

According to the great author Bernard Marr, honest and thoughtful answers to these simple questions will help you understand your own goals and pump your career in the coming year.

1 are you satisfied with your work?
Are you happy? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is “Yes” – cool! Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you can’t say Yes with 100 percent certainty, consider what you need to change in your current position to get as close to satisfaction and professional happiness as possible.

Change doesn’t have to be “great.” For example, you don’t have to change your job at all (although you can’t rule this out).

It will be better and more effective to focus on smooth and progressive movement, on consecutive steps that will help you get more satisfaction from your own work.

2 What can you do to be happy with your work?
Perhaps this is the case when you should focus only on what you know best, or, conversely, you should delegate a number of responsibilities and focus on developing new skills.

Maybe you need to pay attention to the work-life balance and work on boundaries that will not allow your work to seep into your family Affairs.

Or Vice versa. Not everyone can clearly distinguish between the two sides of their lives, and not everyone should do this.

3 What have you achieved this year?
It always makes sense to analyze your successes and failures once again. An annual review of your achievements helps you determine your tactical goals for the future.

— I have finally learned how to make a commercial offer correctly, but I still avoid personal communication with clients as much as possible.


— “Cold calls” do not cause more panic attacks, but I have not achieved any special results.


— I began to have time to do more in a shorter time, but you can still increase productivity if you at least sometimes disconnect from the tape in the FB.


— I stopped hiding under the table from strangers in the office, but I still can not be called a genius of networking.

4 How are you going to do more?
— Are you waiting for a promotion or a salary increase?


— Are you going to improve your skills in a particular field of activity?

Cool! What exactly do you intend to do for this? Be very specific in answering questions:

What do I want? and How will I achieve this?
What conditions should you create, how and what can influence your goals to become a reality?

5 what inspires you and how?
Roughly speaking, whether you are “rushing” from work (we hope that Yes, otherwise why would you even kill time there) and what exactly (legal) you are “rushing” from?

When we “get into the flow”, we can get carried away and even lose track of time, breaking all records for productivity and creativity.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen every day. But if you are in your place, it happens regularly. Fortunately, moments of inspiration are often, unfortunately, they just don’t last long.

Try to understand what is causing your work rise, and think about how you can catch this state more often.

6 How often do you accept a challenge and enjoy it?
If you feel the challenge and accept it with enthusiasm at least half of your real working time, you have already found a great job and are taking your place. If not, what would inspire you professionally? How and where can you get what inspires you?

7 are you Ready to fight with robots for a place in the sun?
Automation is a real threat for many kinds of professional activities, it is time to accept as an axiom.

The more you are confined to routine activities, the more reason you have to worry in the future.

And not the fact that this future will not come soon.

The only thing most of us can do in this regard is to become irreplaceable.

Ask yourself: how can I focus more on the non-web part of my work, what skills do I need to do this, how and where to get them, and what should be my first step in this direction?

Don’t be lazy to research the market and find out which features in your professional niche are most likely to be automated first.

And don’t be afraid of the inevitable. Better find something that the robots won’t capture and focus on it.

8 do you have clear goals?
If not, the end of the year is a great time to think about them. And it will be quite good if you find these goals and formulate them.

Everyone is afraid of the notorious “five-year plan”, and no one wants to bother with it. This is understandable.

But this approach can really help you move forward. In order to achieve some big goals, it makes sense to break them down into smaller, understandable and achievable steps in the foreseeable future.

9 What would you like to achieve in exactly one year?
So, in order to achieve anything, it is necessary to divide the movement to the big end goal into a sequence of steps. Leave the ambitious plan to take over the universe for a while and focus on the visible part of it. That is, on what exactly you want to come to exactly in one calendar year.

10 What is your main goal?
How can you achieve it? Again, concrete steps and steps. It can be anything: lose 5 kilograms of weight, quit Smoking, spend no more than two hours a day in social networks, start helping parents, get involved in a startup.

The problem with our goals is often the uncertainty of how we could achieve them.

Moreover, sometimes this uncertainty is the only problem.

Therefore, identify every step you can take towards your goal next year — and you will immediately increase the likelihood that you will be able to achieve your goal (or at least get closer to it), and get a positive experience from the fact that you can actually do it.

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