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How to survive the winter
The cold season itself is a difficult time to concentrate on productivity: short daylight hours, temperature changes, a gray city, and stiffness of movement provoke stiffness of thoughts and actions.…

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How to survive the winter

The cold season itself is a difficult time to concentrate on productivity: short daylight hours, temperature changes, a gray city, and stiffness of movement provoke stiffness of thoughts and actions.

And winter in our latitudes lasts so long that it is simply stupid to wait it out. It remains only to minimize the damage. And even better-learn to live in winter as fully as in the warm, Sunny season.

Rescue of drowning people is still most effective if the drowning people themselves do not stand aside from it.

Winter happens every year in Russia, so we offer several strategies that will help you become a little more lively, productive, and ideally happier during this difficult time.

Avoid isolation
In winter, we are so drawn to lie down in a warm den, as rarely as possible to get out of there and not to contact other people unless absolutely necessary.

Have you noticed this for yourself? Now, scientists say this is one of the worst things you can do for your own health. Research shows that a lack of social interaction can be harmful to health in the same way as Smoking.

“When there is an oak tree around, it is easiest to fall into prostration, close down and thus only exacerbate the winter melancholy,” says Dr. Michael Dansinger.

Best of all, from this point of view, our psyche is affected by participation in various kinds of altruistic activities in the company of other people. So do not be afraid to freeze, go to the people and help others.

Charity is an interesting thing, because in addition to helping others, you help yourself to cope with a bad mood and depression, at least at the expense of self-esteem.

Eat right
Unfortunately, there is no super food that improves mood and motivation. But following the principles of healthy nutrition increases the chances of survival and success.

“Good results for the winter brain are shown by foods rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries, cabbage, and pomegranates,” says Dansinger. — But I would emphasize that it is much more important to use some individual” very useful ” products just to follow a healthy, balanced diet.”

It is not necessary to fill the apartment with hard-to-wash pomegranate or blueberry juice and choke on cabbage. Any vegetables, fruits, and foods high in protein are still preferable to fatty and high-carb fast food.

In winter, proper nutrition helps in two ways at once.

First, it helps control weight.

Many have encountered how this vicious circle works: in winter we eat a lot and incorrectly (new year’s holidays make a special contribution to the violation of the correct regime) and gain weight.

But instead of running to get rid of it, we fall into a semi-comatose state and do not rush to the gym, Park or ski track, because “we have gained weight anyway.” In this sense, a healthy diet is the best way to break this vicious circle.

Second, it helps our stomach to our brain.

Proper nutrition is a diet rich in fiber, which is responsible for the “beneficial” bacteria that live in our digestive system. There is a scientific opinion that certain types of bacteria that live in our digestive tract affect our mood, indirectly changing the complex chemical processes in our head.

Great light
A short light day is one of the most difficult tests for our mood and performance, because we are physiologically dependent on natural sunlight.

It is no coincidence that people suffering from seasonal depression are often prescribed light therapy, in which the patient simply sits in front of a source that simulates sunlight.

As you know, our body reacts to sunlight by producing vitamin D. the Trick is that any other versions of this vitamin, for example in the form of dragees, are not as effective at improving mood as vitamin D, which is produced by our own body under the influence of sunlight.

“Scientists really believe that sex is not just a pleasant, but also a useful pastime. We know that it provides a number of benefits, including for the “right” chemical processes in the brain that increase our vitality, ” says Dansinger. — So if you don’t want to leave the house at all, then spending time on sex is also a good option.”

Go to the gym…
… go to the pool, Park or get up on skis. Physical activity is useful in any season, and after prolonged new year’s libations, bowls of salad and lying on the couch, any form of fitness is especially relevant.

This is a great way to get rid of “eaten”, increase self-esteem and raise the level of endorphin.

Practice positive thinking
It would seem that nothing new, and usually such tips cause irritation. However, our attitude to different things in most cases remains our choice.

On the one hand, thinking is a physiological process and not least depends on our mood, which is most directly affected by chemical processes in our brain.

On the other hand, unlike animals, we have this choice. And our way of thinking — positive or negative-affects our mood. So why not use this interdependence to your advantage?

The question is not whether positive thinking is an organic trait or not.

Treat positive thinking as a normal skill that can be developed just like any other skill.

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