Why do managers yell at their subordinates
Today the boss is courteous, polite and seems to be happy with everything, and tomorrow he shakes the walls with angry tirades. Scientists have explained why the chief's office may…

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Why you don't need to leave your comfort zone
As you know ," all self-improvement books boil down to the fact that a person from Miami advises a person in Magadan to get out of their comfort zone" —…

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10 most useful morning habits
This article focuses on 10 morning techniques that will simplify your life and increase productivity if you make them your useful habits. Get up early Those who get up early…

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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Everything you need to know about online checkout

Everything you need to know about online checkout
Does the activity of online stores and infobusiness fall under the Federal law-54?
Neither online stores nor infobusiness activities are named in the list of activities that are exempt from the use of cash registers. In other words, they fall under the Federal law-54.

The list of activities in which organizations and individual entrepreneurs have the right not to apply the CCT is available in Article 2. Features of application of cash registers of the Federal law of 22.05.2003 No. 54-FZ. Continue reading

The philosophy of failure. How failures help achieve success

Many people have a cherished dream. But why does not everyone decide to implement it? Perhaps it’s because you’re afraid to take on a difficult task: what if it doesn’t work out?

This article will be useful for those who want to start a business, but are afraid that they will not succeed. And for those who are constantly faced with new challenges and do not know how to start them. And, of course, those who have just experienced failure and think that this will always be the case.

Success does not come to anyone immediately. It is usually preceded by a series of failures that we know nothing about. Continue reading

What times, such customs

The crisis has changed not only the structure of the labor market, but also the requirements for employees and job seekers.

Now employers do not rely so much on promising employees, leaders, and ambitious people-although it was on the encouragement of such people that the previous motivation systems were built-as on silent performers, people who are thorough, quick, and do not grab stars from the sky, but are cheap, undemanding, and reliable in solving simple tasks.

The market needs simple performers. However, now there are companies that rely on talented smart people.

Who is not needed Continue reading

Eye for eye. And 10 more Donald trump business rules
Before being elected President of the United States, Donald trump was just a very famous billionaire who made a name and fortune in real estate. To be precise, he did…


Rules for successful bosses
What do good bosses think about their work 1. Business is an ecosystem, you need to cooperate, not fight with each other. 2.Companies are communities where everyone is an individual.…


What you need to know about personal data to avoid paying a 300,000-ruble fine
Starting from July 1, 2017, the fine for violation of the law on personal data processing will increase to 75 thousand rubles. 1. What kind of law? At the moment,…


Apologizing is a bad habit
Sometimes, in order to smooth out the roughness of our actions, we rush to apologize. Apologies are considered as a way to correct errors or as compensation for possible inconveniences.…