Wash or not wash
What you will not see on the desktops of colleagues! In addition to the obligatory computer and phone, a flower in a pot, photos of family members, a dirty mug...…

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What is the problem with smart people
There's nothing worse than working with fools, is there? When hiring new employees, it is logical to pay attention to smart people — it seems that it will be easier…

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Rules for successful bosses
What do good bosses think about their work 1. Business is an ecosystem, you need to cooperate, not fight with each other. 2.Companies are communities where everyone is an individual.…

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How we are being manipulated

Now you can easily meet smart guys who have read books on hard sales and are ready to break the will of the first comer.

Hello, friends!

I am for protection from such figures. Therefore, I will share with you the techniques of manipulation. Learn to defend yourself and don’t let your friends get hooked.
Test yourself

These are the basic manipulations described by Robert Cialdini in the book “psychology of influence”. But let’s make an experiment: read the description of the manipulation technique without reading the section “Protection”. Try to guess how to defend yourself in a situation. Then check the answer in the text. Continue reading

Introverts in the office: rules of survival

The modern world is a world of smiling, sociable, very active in communication and leisure, physically healthy people, in which, unfortunately, there is little space for those who do not fit into the set framework.

In school, teachers encourage those who often pull their hand, in the office, the management notes those who constantly offer something, even if these offers do not lead to anything. In addition, everyone likes sociable people, but closed ones do not.

We hope that our article will make life easier for those who are uncomfortable even from the prospect of being the soul of a company of strangers, and will be useful for those who consider introverts arrogant, eccentric, and even asocial individuals and do not hesitate to speak out loud about it. Continue reading

The philosophy of failure. How failures help achieve success

Many people have a cherished dream. But why does not everyone decide to implement it? Perhaps it’s because you’re afraid to take on a difficult task: what if it doesn’t work out?

This article will be useful for those who want to start a business, but are afraid that they will not succeed. And for those who are constantly faced with new challenges and do not know how to start them. And, of course, those who have just experienced failure and think that this will always be the case.

Success does not come to anyone immediately. It is usually preceded by a series of failures that we know nothing about. Continue reading

Attention, scammers! 11 proven ways to lose money online
The oldest profession in the world, perhaps, is not prostitution, but deception. People cheat on each other both for fun and for money. People cheat more often for money. With…


A bad head does not give your hands peace of mind
Body language is a very important part of any communication. The position of our body and the movements we make when communicating with the other person can spoil or distort…


Aggressive seller
Today we will talk about how to protect yourself from aggressive sellers, and if you are connected with sales, then how to keep from falling into all sorts of trouble…


The cost of evolution: why it is pointless to fight procrastination and thank God
Every time I was about to start writing this article, something happened that required urgent intervention. A Facebook tab that was accidentally left open flickered — and now I'm already,…