Comfort Zone

A bad head does not give your hands peace of mind
Body language is a very important part of any communication. The position of our body and the movements we make when communicating with the other person can spoil or distort…

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Features of turbo pages
At the end of last year, a new phenomenon appeared in Yandex − turbo pages. All users of the search engine, without exception, have access to this functionality. In fact,…

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How to succeed in networking without feeling disgusted with yourself
Hello! For those of us who are torn between the desire to develop our communication skills, communicating with people without embarrassment and awkwardness, and an almost unbearable desire to close…

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The power of our habits

In his book, the American journalist Charles Duhigg comprehensively explores the topic of habits. His book is good for this diverse approach-habits are considered not only from the point of view of individual psychology.

The author introduces readers to the results of scientific experiments, tells about ways to overcome bad habits and the impact of habits on people’s lives, the work of companies and the emergence of social movements, as well as shares his personal experience.

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Aggressive seller

Today we will talk about how to protect yourself from aggressive sellers, and if you are connected with sales, then how to keep from falling into all sorts of trouble in trying to sell the client at any price what he really does not need.

It doesn’t matter what you buy or sell: a car, a fitness club card, insurance, or a toaster.

Distinguish assertiveness from aggressiveness
There is a difference between conditionally positive assertiveness and definitely negative aggressiveness, and it is worth catching. Continue reading

How to survive the winter

The cold season itself is a difficult time to concentrate on productivity: short daylight hours, temperature changes, a gray city, and stiffness of movement provoke stiffness of thoughts and actions.

And winter in our latitudes lasts so long that it is simply stupid to wait it out. It remains only to minimize the damage. And even better-learn to live in winter as fully as in the warm, Sunny season.

Rescue of drowning people is still most effective if the drowning people themselves do not stand aside from it.

Winter happens every year in Russia, so we offer several strategies that will help you become a little more lively, productive, and ideally happier during this difficult time. Continue reading

The cost of evolution: why it is pointless to fight procrastination and thank God

Every time I was about to start writing this article, something happened that required urgent intervention. A Facebook tab that was accidentally left open flickered — and now I’m already, I don’t remember why or how long ago, pointlessly scrolling through the social network feed…
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What is the problem with smart people

There’s nothing worse than working with fools, is there? When hiring new employees, it is logical to pay attention to smart people — it seems that it will be easier to work with them, because they know a lot and understand everything. However, this is not always the case: in some cases, too smart an employee does more harm than good, says Sidney Finkelstein, author of the BBC article “The problem with smart people”.

This article will be useful for startups, HR managers, and those geniuses who would like to learn that they also have weaknesses.

To make sure that intellectuals are able to ruin a good cause, it is worth remembering the fate of the American energy Corporation Enron, about which few people now remember. Continue reading

Introverts in the office: rules of survival
The modern world is a world of smiling, sociable, very active in communication and leisure, physically healthy people, in which, unfortunately, there is little space for those who do not…


Manipulation magic
The first thing a baby learns is to see, move, and manipulate its parents. We absorb the ability to manage people with our mother's milk. If loudly to shout —…


How to make an unforgettable first impression
In order to make a first impression on the interlocutor, you need a strong handshake, acceptable appearance and eye contact. These are basic principles, and you probably know them. All…


How to increase sales before the New year
Megaplan experts tell us about five ways to stand out from the competition and attract more customers on the eve of the holiday. 1. Launch the new year's tariff or…