Comfort Zone

Bird-talker or how to shut up a talker
There are people who could earn a million a day, getting a ruble for every word spoken. They are difficult, loud, and uncomfortable. We learn to talk to chatterers and…

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Why you don't need to leave your comfort zone
As you know ," all self-improvement books boil down to the fact that a person from Miami advises a person in Magadan to get out of their comfort zone" —…

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Changes in legislation-come into force in June-July 2019
The experts of the company "ConsultantPlus" - about the latest amendments to the legislation, as well as those that were adopted a long time ago, but come into force in…

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That awkward moment

The negotiations — a delicate thing. Sometimes the sales Manager feels that he did everything right, but the deal still didn’t happen. Does this mean that he was actually wrong? Perhaps not. But it is likely that he, without realizing it, caused rejection in a potential client.

Jeffrey James, author of the Sales Source blog, shared a list of such actions. Everyone who needs to convince someone of something or sell something from time to time should get acquainted with it. Read it, and if you notice something like this, stop immediately:

1. Speak to the client’s teeth (instead of talking to him). Continue reading

The power of our habits

In his book, the American journalist Charles Duhigg comprehensively explores the topic of habits. His book is good for this diverse approach-habits are considered not only from the point of view of individual psychology.

The author introduces readers to the results of scientific experiments, tells about ways to overcome bad habits and the impact of habits on people’s lives, the work of companies and the emergence of social movements, as well as shares his personal experience.

The book is characterized by a popular style of investigative journalism — the author reveals the theme of his work with the help of “storytelling” – through interesting examples and stories. However, some critics of the book believe that Duhigg too keen on them. Continue reading

How to make an unforgettable first impression

In order to make a first impression on the interlocutor, you need a strong handshake, acceptable appearance and eye contact. These are basic principles, and you probably know them. All this is true, but not enough.

If you want to be remembered by the interlocutor after the first short contact, you should think not only about how to look, but also what to say and how to say it. Here are some tips from Annette Grand, who has spent several decades teaching American businessmen how to behave in public.

Go to the individual
Do not hesitate to Supplement the professional approach with details that are not directly related to it. Continue reading

How we are being manipulated

Now you can easily meet smart guys who have read books on hard sales and are ready to break the will of the first comer.

Hello, friends!

I am for protection from such figures. Therefore, I will share with you the techniques of manipulation. Learn to defend yourself and don’t let your friends get hooked.
Test yourself

These are the basic manipulations described by Robert Cialdini in the book “psychology of influence”. But let’s make an experiment: read the description of the manipulation technique without reading the section “Protection”. Try to guess how to defend yourself in a situation. Then check the answer in the text. Continue reading

Rules for successful bosses

What do good bosses think about their work
1. Business is an ecosystem, you need to cooperate, not fight with each other.

2.Companies are communities where everyone is an individual.

3. Management is about providing services, so let others succeed first.

4. You need to be on an equal footing with employees, so you need to communicate with them “in an adult way”.

5. You need to motivate by inspiring, not scaring. Fear only paralyzes. Continue reading

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