Comfort Zone

Why you don't need to leave your comfort zone
As you know ," all self-improvement books boil down to the fact that a person from Miami advises a person in Magadan to get out of their comfort zone" —…

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Labor code: crimes and punishments
This article will remind employers that no the economic situation does not negate the effect of the Labour code. And since employees know their rights even worse than employers, our…

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What you need to know about personal data to avoid paying a 300,000-ruble fine
Starting from July 1, 2017, the fine for violation of the law on personal data processing will increase to 75 thousand rubles. 1. What kind of law? At the moment,…

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Bird-talker or how to shut up a talker

There are people who could earn a million a day, getting a ruble for every word spoken. They are difficult, loud, and uncomfortable. We learn to talk to chatterers and keep quiet in the office.

This article will be useful to anyone who appreciates hearing hygiene in the workplace

Why do people talk
Often a chatterbox is a choleric who needs to share his feelings and thoughts with colleagues. It’s hard to stay calm when you’re overwhelmed from the inside. Therefore, their speeches are emotional and long. Continue reading

Introverts in the office: rules of survival

The modern world is a world of smiling, sociable, very active in communication and leisure, physically healthy people, in which, unfortunately, there is little space for those who do not fit into the set framework.

In school, teachers encourage those who often pull their hand, in the office, the management notes those who constantly offer something, even if these offers do not lead to anything. In addition, everyone likes sociable people, but closed ones do not.

We hope that our article will make life easier for those who are uncomfortable even from the prospect of being the soul of a company of strangers, and will be useful for those who consider introverts arrogant, eccentric, and even asocial individuals and do not hesitate to speak out loud about it. Continue reading

10 important career questions that are useful to answer before the start of the New year

According to the great author Bernard Marr, honest and thoughtful answers to these simple questions will help you understand your own goals and pump your career in the coming year.

1 are you satisfied with your work?
Are you happy? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is “Yes” – cool! Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you can’t say Yes with 100 percent certainty, consider what you need to change in your current position to get as close to satisfaction and professional happiness as possible. Continue reading


By the nature of my work, I have to hold several intense meetings with various people during the day. This is a new experience, and already trusted partners. The practice of meetings shows that when you come to a regular meeting, you need to be cheerful, ready to perceive and process a huge flow of information. The outcome of negotiations often depends on what mood you come to the meeting in. But if you have more than enough energy in the morning, then with each new meeting there are fewer and fewer of them… Communication becomes less intense, and at the end of the working day, you only think about how to return home and enjoy the peace.

For myself, I have worked out several ways to improve performance during the working day. I exclude drugs, tranquilizers, alcohol, coffee, and energy. Otherwise, your health will not last long. Continue reading

How to make an offer that you can’t refuse

Mark Joyner, author of the Irresistible Offer, is a former CEO of Aesop Marketing Corporation and, as they say, a pioneer of e-Commerce, responsible, in particular, for the fact that e-books are rapidly replacing paper ones.

He is also a former us military intelligence officer, a Korean translator, and a certified psychologist.

The idea of his book, “an Offer you can’t refuse,” is simple. In order to successfully engage in business, you need to make the client an offer that he will not want to refuse. You have three seconds to get the customer’s attention. Your sales depend on how you manage them. That’s all. Continue reading

The power of our habits
In his book, the American journalist Charles Duhigg comprehensively explores the topic of habits. His book is good for this diverse approach-habits are considered not only from the point of…


Business development on the Internet
If you want your business to be successful and profitable, you need to pay attention to such an issue as a business development strategy on the Internet. In fact, you…


That awkward moment
The negotiations — a delicate thing. Sometimes the sales Manager feels that he did everything right, but the deal still didn't happen. Does this mean that he was actually wrong?…


Why do managers yell at their subordinates
Today the boss is courteous, polite and seems to be happy with everything, and tomorrow he shakes the walls with angry tirades. Scientists have explained why the chief's office may…