Comfort Zone

Manipulation magic
The first thing a baby learns is to see, move, and manipulate its parents. We absorb the ability to manage people with our mother's milk. If loudly to shout —…

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What is the problem with smart people
There's nothing worse than working with fools, is there? When hiring new employees, it is logical to pay attention to smart people — it seems that it will be easier…

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The philosophy of failure. How failures help achieve success
Hello! Many people have a cherished dream. But why does not everyone decide to implement it? Perhaps it's because you're afraid to take on a difficult task: what if it…

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“Fedor, you talk so much about IT, but where is the pizza?”- what is behind the Dodo Empire»

The founder of the Dodo pizza chain, Fedor Ovchinnikov, told His business how to overtake international pizza giants, capture Moscow with a franchise from the regions, and conquer the Chinese market.
You said that at the start of the business, you did not hesitate to copy competitors. When should I stop looking at others and start developing my own?

There is an important thing that I have learned in practice. Market economy and private business are like nature. As a result of natural selection, certain models survive, they adapt, develop, and find their niches. When you start a business and find yourself in a highly competitive environment, your first task is simply to survive. Learn how to generate profits so that your business can exist. Continue reading

How to increase sales before the New year

Megaplan experts tell us about five ways to stand out from the competition and attract more customers on the eve of the holiday.
1. Launch the new year’s tariff or the “Gift when you buy” promotion…»
Whatever your company does, you can always create a favorable tariff and come up with a non-banal gift for regular customers.

Gift to the main product. If your company is engaged in installation of Windows, can give a vivid garland, if you sell doors and Christmas wreaths. The main thing is that the gift fits the meaning. For example, for the purchase of a down jacket, it is more appropriate to offer a stylized scarf/hat than a kilogram of tangerines. Continue reading

Changes for business from January 1, 2019

Experts of the Consultant Plus company-about what amendments to the legislation will come into force after the New year.
1. You can register an individual entrepreneur or LLC via the Internet for free
From January 1, 2019, when sending documents to the tax service via the Internet, you will not have to pay for state registration:

legal entities

changes in constituent documents Continue reading

Guerrilla marketing: features and benefits

Guerrilla marketing is one of the most effective methods of product promotion. This tool is best characterized by the expression “You don’t see it, but it still exists”.

For the first time, this term became known after the book of the same name, written by Jay Conrad Levinson, was published in 1984. In his creation, he presented the most affordable options for promoting products and services to the market that do not require large-scale investments. Increasing the number of clients and increasing profits are achieved with minimal or no material investment. Continue reading

Changes in legislation-come into force in June-July 2019

The experts of the company “ConsultantPlus” – about the latest amendments to the legislation, as well as those that were adopted a long time ago, but come into force in June-July 2019.
Mandatory product labeling
To combat counterfeiting, a system of product labeling is being gradually introduced. First in line are tobacco and footwear products. For cigarettes and cigarettes, the rules will change from July. But the mandatory marking of shoes is likely to be moved to the spring. Read more in the special review.

Online ticket offices
From June 7, an online cash register located outside of the settlement location can be used: Continue reading

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What you need to know about personal data to avoid paying a 300,000-ruble fine
Starting from July 1, 2017, the fine for violation of the law on personal data processing will increase to 75 thousand rubles. 1. What kind of law? At the moment,…


Wash or not wash
What you will not see on the desktops of colleagues! In addition to the obligatory computer and phone, a flower in a pot, photos of family members, a dirty mug...…


How to survive the winter
The cold season itself is a difficult time to concentrate on productivity: short daylight hours, temperature changes, a gray city, and stiffness of movement provoke stiffness of thoughts and actions.…


Tips for building a career which is best forgotten
Every time the Muse author Stacey Lasto bakes cookies for her work colleagues, she recalls a time when cooking for colleagues and bringing homemade treats to American offices was a…